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Professional massagers with official certificates will come to provide you a relaxing moment in our well-being area, when booked in time.

Services are provided in a range from full massage to discovery massaging, or hot stones massage. There must be a formula which suits you best!

Fees every massagings for 1 hour or twice 1 half-hour : 65 €.

Fees massaging for 1 hour and a half : 95 €.

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Californian Massaging (lasts 1 hour)

The "Heart touching" is done on a massaging table with bio sesame oil with bio vegetal scented oils associated together. Slow and cool movements will give you a deep sense of relax, both physical and psychical.

Massaging on your back (1 hour)

A combination of slow movements and pressures, according to your muscular tensions, adapting techniques and rhythms. With the use of bio vegetal oil.

Seated AMMA massaging (1 hour or twice 1 half-hour)

"Calms by handwork". It is done one a special chair, through your clothes. It is a genuine Japanese traditional art that uses a range of different techniques, mostly through acupressure on your back, neck, skull, arms and hands. It is the fastest and most efficient relaxing and up cheering kind of massage.

Ô Sense Massaging (1 hour)

Full body massaging. It combines Californian and Swedish massaging techniques for smoothness and deep reaching. Ideal for a profound relaxing.

Grand Relaxing Massage (1 hour)

It is done on the back of your body, from your neck down to your legs; and can be adapted to your special needs.

Relaxing massage (1 hour)

A perfect combination, up to your own choice: back and hands or legs and feet massaging. Guaranteed relaxation.

Hot Stones Massaging (1 hour)

A combination of hot stones and massaging, with immediate effects on your skin: relaxes your muscles and lowers your body tensions. Calms thoroughly.

Energetic massaging (1.1/2 hour)

Cures as well as makes you feel good. Using a variety of techniques on your body, this massage is highly relaxing. It also removes any energetic blockage that may cause a number of health problems.

Tshi Nei Tsang Massage (1 hour)

This is a belly massaging that works on your inner body (guts, liver, blade, stomach...) to rid them from toxins that accumulate after emotional or physical shocks; it settles back a good energy circulation (IQ), to give place to more positive feelings (courage, calm, creativity...).

Foot Reflexology (1 hour)

This massaging is done under your feet, on points corresponding to all parts of the human body. Smooth pressures on precise points stimulate your energetic current and removes any blockage in the corresponding body parts, to upgrade their blood irrigation and improve their working capacity.

Sophrology(1 hour)

It helps managing any stress, fear, problem, anguish, phobias problems and recover confidence, better sleep and well being...
It is a mixture of meditation, yoga and muscular relaxation techniques that develops self consciousness; bringing harmony in both your body and in your mind.
It can be performed in a group or individually.

* To allow organising your massaging session with our partners, all massages must be pre-ordered by e-mail or telephone, on the booking of your bedroom.
We call in different specialists with varied skills. We do our best to meet your demands and solve any availability difficulty. An exceptional and slight change in your program might be possible, just in case.