Things that you might like, a bit further away

Langres - 50 km

Langres - 50 km

Langres is the birth place of Denis Diderot, a famous Philosopher of the Enlightenment Period, and Jeannne Mance a nurse who went to Canada where she co-founded Montreal.

It was elected most beautiful walled city of France in 2019. The walls are 4 km long, with six gates. Its 7 towers are considered as military building masterpieces of the Middle-Ages. A walk on the walls is a must, in Summer. The Moulins (Mills) gate is the nicest.
Nice houses from the 16th Century are still standing. See also the Cathedral and its Cloister, the Museum of Art and history, the Navare Tower.

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Besançon - 1 hour drive

Besançon - 1 hour drive

Besançon is the greenest town of France per inhabitant.
This regional capital-city is famous for its quality of living. Thanks to its rich historic heritage and to its culture, as well as its unique architectural pieces, Besançon is labeled City of Art and History since 1986 and its fortress built by Marquis de Vauban is listed by the UNESCO since 2008.

Please consider visiting :

  • The Fortress “Citadelle”.
  • The Museum of Fine Arts and Archeology.
  • The Museum of the time (clocks making).
  • Victor Hugo birth house.
  • The modern Art.

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Dijon - 1.1/2 hour drive

Dijon - 1.1/2 hour drive

Down town Dijon is full of old streets, some cobbled; where it is worth walking.
This Capital-City of the Dukes of Burgundy has an exceptional architectural heritage. It is a well kept Museum in the open. Don’t miss the testimonial remains of the great Duchy!

Please consider visiting :

  • The old town Center, following the Trail of the Owl (parcours de la Chouette) ;
  • The Dukes’ Palace ;
  • The Moses’ Well ;
  • The Philippe Le Bon Tower ;
  • Having lunch around the Market Place.

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Belfort - 1.1/2 hour drive

Belfort is full of interesting spots that are worth seeing.

The Old town (Center) was a fortress, designed by the Marquis de Vauban.

See the World-famous gigantic Lion, Bartholdi sculpted.

You can also take a rest by the lake (étang des Forges).

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Montbéliard - 1.1/2 hour drive

May you fall in love with Art, History, cooking, or just sight-seeing, Montbéliard is an interesting place to visit. It was a German city until 1793, and keeps a typical German atmosphere, with the oldest Lutheran Church in France.

Those places are close to Switzerland, between the Jura mountains and the Vosges. You could be surprised by its rich architecture and nature, as well as the largest car factory in Europe: Peugeot.

The Peugeot Museum exhibits all cars, bicycles and tools that came out of the factory since its beginning. 200 years of industrial history on 6,000 square meters, from 1810 to our days, still on-going…

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