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Vauconcourt-Nervezain (47°39’35.2’’N 5°49’36.2’’E) is a small village in the West of the Haute-Saône Department – 70 – (Burgundy-Franche-Comté Region).

The village stands at a 30’ drive from Vesoul, Gray Champlitte, the nearest main towns.
It is at a 50’ drive from ‘Besançon-Franche_Comté’ TGV railway station, and at an hour drive from Besançon, a registered city by UNESCO for its strong walls and fortress built by Marqui de Vauban, at the time of king Louis the 14th .
The village is at a 50’ drive from Langres; 1.1/2 hour from down town Dijon or Belfort; and 2 hours from Mulhouse, Alsace.


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