Swimming pool

Swimming pool

The heated swimming pool measuring 9.80m by 3.50m is available upon reservation and not included in the room price.
So that you can enjoy the moment, we provide access to the swimming pool upon reservation of a time slot.
A price supplement will be requested depending on your access needs.


An infra-red Sauna holding 3 people is available on demand. Previous booking is necessary.

Prices :
- €35 per half hour for 1 person.
- €25 per half hour for 2 people.
- €20 per half hour for 3 people.


Infra-red Sauna is an alternative method to the traditional steam-Sauna, with many advantages. The goal is the same as the traditional item, you are immersed in dry heat; still, it makes you sweat the same, but at a lower temperature: between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius (130 to 165 Fahrenheit). You avoid temperature shock, and feel much more comfortable for the same result.


We are located at less than 30’ from 7 bicycle riding circuits and at less than 7 km from Cycle-road V50 which goes all the way down from Luxemburg to Lyons through two important valleys. That road runs alongside the river Saône for 140 km in our very Department.
Neighbouring villages can also be visited on bike. You can also ride in forests, see old churches, old outdoor medieval washing places, typical belfries with colourful roofs made of varnished clay tiles.

Come with your bikes!



If you ever dreamed of spending a day in the open by the river, keeping an eye on a fishing line, waiting for a fish to bite, this is the opportunity to make it real! We should be at your side to take you to the right spots, and you will be able to catch different kinds of fish, according the river, take a photo and put it back into the river, compulsorily.

The sauna in pictures